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Capital Basic Checking Account

  • Minimum Deposit to Open:: $500.00
  • Minimum Monthly Balance to avoid service charge: $500.00
  • Service Charge:  $8.00/month 

Capital E-Checking Account

  • Minimum Deposit to Open: $100.00
  • No Minimum Monthly Balance
  • Service Charge: $3.00/month
  • Transaction Fee: $0.10 per debit or credit
  • Deposit Fee (waived for on-us items):  $0.06
  • Earnings Credit*: $0.20 per $100.00 of average balance.  Credit is applied to monthly service and activity fees.
*If an earnings credit exceeds any fee for which it is to offset during any period, the excess amount will not be paid, carried forward or otherwise credited.  

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